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Toddler Tag-Out Toy Box Bootcamp

  • STARTNov 16th - 10:00am

  • ENDNov 16th - 11:30pm


 What is a Tag-Out class? Our signature format! Workout while other Mamas watch your Mini(s), then its your turn to play with the Minis while the other half of the Mamas get their turn to workout! Moms get a great workout without interruption and Mini’s get active play. Everyone wins!

Toddler Tag-Out Toy Box Bootcamp: You’ll never know what’s coming with this bootcamp! Using the Toddler Tag-Out format, our Mama’s will focus on different areas of their Hot Mama body every week as our instructor pulls out different pieces of equipment from her “toy box”. Arms, legs, core, cardio? You won’t know ’til you get there! Your child(ren) will get some fantastic active play…and you’ll get a safe, effective workout! Trust our experienced (and super awesome if we don’t say so ourselves) instructors to get you where you want to be.

Event Details
November 16
10:00 am - 11:30 pm
Event Venue
Rocky Stars Dance Studio
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada.
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